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Course 10 October-07-13 12:58 PM Curé Labelle • 1833-1891 • The "French Catholic Nation" and "Heart of Catholicism in North America • He was a priest with a typical background, small town, but he became the great prophet of colonisation • The "revengeof Montcalm" • Expand and resist Anglo-Saxon Protestantism and replace it with the great catholic civilization that was born in the middle ages • Legal, peaceful and strategicconquest by settlement , of the whole area between Montreal and Winnipeg, and up to the shores of Hudson`s Bay and thus the "revengeof Montcalm". Hoped it would be the greatestvictory of a nation to conquer our conqueror • Kingdom of the North • The future population of this kingdom would not be farmers, but also miner, factories and cities • All to be connected by railway • Church often seen as ant-modern, they might be anti-modern morally but in the case of Curé Labelle they thought that technology of the railway and modern industry could be adapted and used in the same way that Pope Benedict now uses Twitter • And so, this vision of immigration settlement and railway building fit perfectly with the national policy • Met with federal approval • Government hired LaBelle to travel to France in 1885 to attract immigration from France to participate in this project as to bring investments • In 1879 he founded la société de colonisation • Settlementsociety if the Montreal diocese • The premier of Quebec, Mercier, was skeptical at first but in 1888 the liberal premier made Labelle the assistant commissioner in the department of Agriculture and Colonization • Ministry of interior, also a section of colonization • 1890 made another trip to France • 45 trips by canoe or on foot ○ Labelle wanted to map out where all of the future cities were going to be ○ Looking for the ideal site ○ These stories would be in the newspaper ○ The adventures of Curé Labelle made him an exiting figure • Established 29 townships around Northern Quebec in that time • In some sense, embodiment of a confident nation of Quebec • Self-Consciously French and Catholic expansion of culture • Pacific Railway named one of their cars after Labelle • His work continued after his death Colonisation / Settlement • Settlementwas one of the 3 pillars of the national policy The Problem of Emigration • 1873-1896worst time, when under 1.3 million people arrived, but more people left, who headed to the developing united states • 1891 - Canadian question - Holden (last lecture) • 1830 Canada said goodbye to many people, but the biggest immigration group to the United States was from Canada • Waves prior to Confederation, one after Confederation, • Years before the first world war, in the 1920s and another wave in the post wave years • Post 1900 period until the war there is a boom in immigration Petits Canadas • French Canadians settled around towns in Vermont, Massachusetts • Fewer than half returned by 1900 • French Canadians stuck together, in communities, mostly in New England, just across the river • Usually made a ring around the city that they considered their own little Canada, their own little community • Technology could be used to leave as well as to settle, most Canadians leave towards the US with the use of railways • Initiatives to attract people back to Canada, deals on land for example, • No Curé Labelle in French Canada but settlement was always seen as important Sir Clifford Sifton Sir Clifford Sifton • Born in Ontario • Family settled in Manitoba in 1870s • Elected to Manitoba Legislature in 1888 • Triumph of "Ontario Democracy" • Important to Wilfred Laurier • Minister of the Interior under Laurier and Superintendent of Indian Affairs • Immigration agents on commission • Millions of ads, in the UK and in Europe (continental Europe) • Other prom
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