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Lecture 1

HSS1101 Lecture 1: Chapter1Part2

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Health Sciences
Tien Nguyen

CHAPTER 1: Discovering your personal rhythm for health living (Part 2) Factors influencing behaviour change Predisposing factors This include life experiences, knowledge, culturalethnic inheritance, current beliefs values These factors lead you to a particular behaviour For ex family influence on smoking behaviour also relates to family poverty family processes monitoring bonding Enabling factors This includes skills or abilities, physical, mental intellectual capabilities; resources accessible facilities > make health decisions more convenient or difficult Positive enablers: encourage to carry your intentions; negative enablers: work against your intentions to change Overall, identifying positive negative enablers and devising alternative plans when neg factors outweigh pos one part of necessary planning for behavioural change Reinforcing factors This includes encouragement or discouragement coming from others or situations in your life that enable behaviour Strict laws against drinking driving regarding risks also reinforce you to choice drink less Factors influence you toward positive or negative behaviours > money, popularity, support appreciation from friends; family interests and enthusiasm for what youre doing Ways on rewarding or punishing yourself for successes failures affect chances of adopting healthy behaviours Telling yourself your hard work is a worthwhile effort: factor in successfully changing your attitudes behaviours Making changes in your health behaviours requires careful thought, individual analysis considerable effort Understanding when to change vs what to change? Changing established attitudes behaviours not easy What we do influenced by history, reward systems, values culture; doing things in many years and therefore became part of who you are Finding out where you are how ready you are to change may help you doing so Stages of change transtheoretical model This modeltheory explains the behaviour change process; it is developed from research on smoking cessation drug and alcohol addiction applied to wide range of health behaviours including HIV prevention, physical activity healthier eating At this point, individual proceeds through distinct stages (pg. 11) 1. Precontemplation person at this stage have no intention of changing; not aware need to change tried before give up 2. Contemplation person recognize that they need to change thinking about making change 3. Preparation person is close to taking action; ready to come up w a plan 4. Action person actually make the change; likely to succeed 5. Maintenance person need to maintained what heshe earned; requires vigilance, attention to detail longterm commitment 6. Termination new behaviour becomes part of daily living 7. Relapse person does not continue w behaviour change Do beliefs attitudes influence behaviours? Psychologists determined although beliefs may influence behaviours may not actually cause people to change them Health belief model (HBM) states that there are several factors must support belief in order for your behaviour to be affected 1. Consider how severe medical social consequences would be if health problem were to develop or be left untreated; > More serious you believe the effects: more likely you are to take action 2. If you perceive yourself more likely to develop health problem then youre more likely take preventive action 3. When you are reminded or told about potential health problem then youre more likely take preventive action 3 other factors linked to your perceived risk of health problems: 1. Demographic variables (sex, ethnicity, cultural background) 2. Sociopsychological variables (personality traits, social class, social pressure)
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