PAP 2300 Lecture Notes - Centralized Government, New Public Management, Neoliberalism

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Public Administration and Contemporary Management Reforms
- Changes and Reforms of Public Administration
- Theories that have influenced the changes or reforms of public administration
- The New Public Management as a reform tool
- The Reinventing Government Idea
- The Post-Bureaucratic Idea
- Collaborative Governance
The administrative state was charged with crimes, such as failure to perform,
abuse of power, and repression of employees, clients and people in general.
Self-destructive. Expended hate object.
The Road to Reform
- The emergence and influence of conservative thinking, especially in Great
Britain under Margaret Thatcher, the United States under Ronald Reagan,
and a host of other countries led to the promotion of ideas supportive of
smaller government and of government that would be less intrusive and
interventionalist in the private sector and be more supportive of the interests
and values of private enterprise.
- A fundamental assumption of neo-liberalism is a minimalist role for the public
sector while enhancing the role of the private sector.
- The emergence of conservative politicians in most countries in the western
world (especially with the west-minister model of government) in turn
stimulated the growth of neo-liberalism in restraining and changing the state
in the late 1970s.
- The policies that were implemented to restrain and change the state have
been described by Prof. Hood as the New Public Management
- According to Hood, “New Public Management, like most administrative levels,
is a loose term. Its usefulness lies in its convenience as a short-hand name
for the set of broadly similar administrative doctrines which dominated the
bureaucratic reform agenda of the OECD group of countries from the late
- According to Prof. Gow and Duford, the term NPM can be used in different
i. It denotes the objective of the approach, which is the management
of public organisations
ii. It is applied as a normative idea, which is made up of value
iii. It is inspired by private organisations’ management, values, and
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