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MORAL REASONING while at the same time producing as little Moral decision If your cars brakes have pain as possiblebroken and you are forced to either hit one child or 10 men which would you chooseIn his work An Introduction to the Principles of Moral Legislation Bentham writesInfluenza 80 can be infected High possibility of death Nature has placed mankind under the If you are minister of health Only enough governance of 2 sovereign masters pain treatment forof individuals How do you and pleasure It is for them alone to point choose who gets treated out what we ought to do as well as determine what we shall so They Moral Philosophy A branch of philosophy govern us in all we do in all we say in all that asks basic questions about the good we thinklife about what is better and worse about whether there is any objective right and According to Bentham what we should do wrong Specifically it attempts to determine is maximize pleasure in the social realm and what actions are right and what are wrongminimize pain 2 moral theories Utilitarian and Kantian To this point Bentham introduces what is Ethicsknown as the utility principle which tells One is consequential in nature and the us that the greatest happiness of the other is deontologicalgreatest number is the correct measure of right and wrongConsequentialism The position that peoples actions are right or wrong because This is also known as the greatest of their consequences their resultshappiness principle which tells us that a morally good act is one that results in the Consequential ethics is typically contrasted most happinesswith deontological moral theories It is important to note that Bentham Deontological ethics holds the view that equates pleasure with happinessresults or consequences of actions are morally irrelevantAs a moral theory we can say that Instead deontological theories pertain to utilitarianism seeks to maximize duty or obligationhappiness and minimize painIntroductionPerhaps it can be said that Bentham sees or even reduces moral theory to countingUtilitarianism is a highly influential moral theory that came to prominence in Britain in Why can this be said about Benthamthththe 18 and 19 centuriesAccording to Bentham everyone affected by Jeremy Bentham 17481832 and some action must be counted equally and Utilitarianismour own happiness counts no more than that of othersTypically Jeremy Bentham a legal commentator and radial political reformer is cited as being the founder of the moral theory known as utilitarianismImagine a scenario like thisWhat is valuable in his eyes is producing as much pleasure or happiness as possible
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