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PLATOOn the other handTrue or False5612A circle is a perfectly round geometric All rectangles have three sidesfigure224These two statements can be described as It is unjust to punish an innocent human being analytically false or objectively falsePart of the worldview of critical thinking like As we will see in matters of morality andor science is the idea that The world is justice Plato believes that there exists an publicly understandable objective truth ExamplesThe Figure of Socrates22 4 A square is a plane figure with four equal Socrates was Platos mentor teacher and straight sides and four right anglesfriend The fact that we believe these statements does not make them true Also believing them to be Socrates was found guilty by the state of false does not make them falseAthens for impiety and corrupting the youth and as a consequence he was executedRather we can describe these statements as being objectively trueSocrates was known as a gadfly as was constantly challenging the beliefs that An objective truth is a truth about the way people heldthe world is regardless of what we may believe about it Socrates execution led Plato to contempla
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