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Study Questions - Jan. 22

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Sophie Rietti

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PHI 1104 – Study Questions nd Jan. 22 1. What three reasons does Crito give for why Socrates should escape prison? (1) What you’re doing is unjust (remaining in prison) a. Giving up your life when you can save it b. Hasten your fate as your enemies would hasten it (2) You’re betraying your sons and friends a. Leaving sons when you could bring them up and educate them b. Showing no concern for their fate (will probably have the usual fate of orphans) c. Not choosing the path a good and courageous man would choose (3) Remaining in prison brings shame to Socrates and his friends a. People will think Socrates and his friends are cowards - Could not save him when it was possible - People will think his friends could have saved him if they were willing to spend the money, but did not care to do so Socrates’ Reply: - Addresses (3) o Should not consider all opinions – give some opinions more value than others  Only care about and value the good opinions o But which opinions are good? Which should we respect?  E.g. Horse training – should we respect only horse trainers or everyone?  Only horse trainers. They have knowledge and expertise  The masses don’t know o Only care about people who know what they’re talking about o Should not care about the opinion of the many and fear it  The masses are ignorant  Rather, should onl
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