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David Raynor

Great Philosophers January 13 2013 Dialogue: The Euthypro Dialogue: The Apology – [The Defense] of Socrates Dialogue: Crito – Conversation Socrates has while he is waiting with his friends in the jail: whether Socrates should stand and take the cup of Hamlot? He will be given in the next few days, or go into exile. Stoics taught in the Stoa Acropolis- various shrines, the Greeks were religious Simons Workshop- Socrates spent a great deal of time talking to this uneducated man, Simon (the shoe maker) “An unexamined life is not worth living for a human being.” – Socrates  Is there anyone wiser than Socrates? No.  Socrates friend told Socrates this. Socrates said “what, I don’t feel like I know much…I don’t’ believe that there is nobody wiser than me but I will test that out.” Great Philosophers January 13 2013  Simon the shoe maker was someone that Socrates questioned  Socrates loved philosophising.  People that Socrates “examined” would get annoyed because they didn’t like being questioned  Seems like Socrates knows the answer and he is just not letting on when he questions people Timeline Date Athenian History Socrates 469 Birth 460 Pericles dominant at Athens c. 436 Anaxagoras Prosecuted for impiety (?) 432 Siege of Potidaea (Until 430) 431 Start of the Peloponnesian War 430 Birth of Xenophon 429 Plato Born 424 Date of the conversation Battle of Delion depicted in Laches 423 Aristophanes’ Clouds produced 422 Battle of Amphipolis 421 Peace of Nicias between Athens and Sparta 418 Battle of Mantinea; death of Laches 415-413 Sicilian expedition; death of Nicias (413) 406 Battle of Arginusae Trial of Arginusae generals Great Philosophers January 13 2013 404 Defeat of Athens The Thirty murder Leon of The Thirty in cha
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