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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Aristotle

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Daniel Kofman

Jan. 16, 2014 Aristotle - Metaphysical and metaphorical matters 5. 1 “The good life” distinguished from “life” (ordinary life): • The good life: living with reason according to moral and intellectual arete • Life: ordinary necessities, bodily pleasures, basic economic goods 5.2 The good life involves living together: “it’s absurd to think that a person alone can be mekarios, for anthropos is politikon (social) and made to live together.” Host of goods, purposes, feelings, desires bound up with being zoom politikon: -shame, honor, love, friendship, respect, etc. 6. Philia 6.1 Anthropoli have to live together in koinonia (community, looser association of community) 6.2 Every koinonia has a particular kind of philia 6.2.1 Koinonia politika - political association which has a kind of concord or philia (bond) that goes along with political associations turns out to be dikaios (justice) that’s the philia of the polis. 7. Dikaion (justice) holds the bonds together • Nichomachean Ethics Book V- sophisticated justice and distributive justice 7.1 Dist. wide sense of dikaios (morality) from narrower sense: dist. justice If someone lived alone on a hilltop, they would have no dikaion in the narrow or particular sense, since they have nobody with whom to share goods. The person could still be dikaion (morally right) in wide sense depending on whether they are courageous. 7.2 What is the correct principle of distributive justice? The good of the polis. What is the point of polis?Anything that undermines the polis by ignoring interests of associates is unjust (equality). 7.6 Most important goods of polis: offices and honors 1. Competitive s
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