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Overview Thomas L Friedman is a foreign affairs columnist for the New York Times and author of books such as the Lexus and the Olive Tree Hes won the Pulitzer Prize three times With such credentials it is difficult to believe that he now claims that the world is flat However when he says the world is flat it is like saying the world is shrinking He is not talking about the physical shape of the earth but rather the state of international relations He is saying that the global economic playing field is being leveled He talks about how the world has progressed breaking globalization into three stages and defining the ten factors of the third stageLesson One The World Up to Now Gloalization 10 14921800s You went global through your country Countries began to flatten the world going global for various reasons Globalization 20 1800s2000 Companies go global You went global through your company Companies tried to find cheaper labor better markets etc Globalization 30 Present Individuals Individuals of every color of the rainbow who will be able to plug and playLesson Two The Flatteners 11989 The Berlin Wall fell Allowed the world to be viewed as a single flat plane Enabled globalization No longer was the world divided into north south east and west Windows 30 shipped five months after the fall of the wall further enabling the flattening of
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