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4 Abortion2201201026012010 Susan Sherwin Abortion through a Feminist Ethics Lens Mary Ann Warren On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion History of abortion law in Canada Bill C43Abortion allowed only if a doctor certifies that her physical mental or emotional health will be otherwise threatenedFeminists object to Bill C43 because it places the doctors not women as the best judges of a womans need for abortion Feminists also feel that women must have control over their own reproductionBill C43 was rejected Nonfeminists arguments are grounded in masculinist conceptions of freedom that dont meet the needs interests and intuitions of many of the women concerned Feminists view the pregnant woman as principal concern in abortion decisions Nonfeminists focus their attention on the moral status of the developing embryofetus Arguments against abortion KGRSPAbortion is killing a human being therefore we have to ban abortion unless its therapeuticArgument 1 Women are responsible for getting pregnant and therefore they have to be held responsible for bringing the human babies to life and safetyAbortion can only be tolerated if it is proven that the fetus lacks some criterion of full personhoodThe genetic makeup of the fetus is determined at the moment of conception and the genetic code is incontestably humanLife starts at the moment of conceptionthis is the most rigid reading of the first statement and it originates from the Catholic Church official standpoint on the issue of abortion Other more moderate readings will be that we have a live human form after the first week of pregnancyDoctors see fetuses as their patients not the women who nurture them The fetus is physically ontologically and socially separated from the women carrying themA fetus is a potential human being with a right to life safety freedom and happiness In any of these cases the fetus is a human being and therefore abortion is considered morally wrong and on the basis of morality it is also considered illegalArguments from a prochoice standpoint PICBIT3But the strongest objection against the argument against abortion focuses on the concept of human being it is morally wrong to kill innocent human beings The status of fetus as a human being is problematicWomen have to have choice whether to abort or not the fetuses theyre carrying Therefore we have to allow any type of abortion not only the therapeutic ones The pregnant woman is in the best position to judge whether abortion is the appropriate response to her circumstances Fetuses develop in specific pregnancies which occur in the lives of particular women It is therefore improper to grant others the authority to interfere in womens decisions to seek abortions
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