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13 Stem Cell Ethics Labacqzp1591663032010Lessons from the context Karen LabacqzKaren Labacqzs main argument is that if we accept as we seem to the practice of IVF we should accept the embryonic stem cell research without moral remorse Further she argues that the acceptance of IVF and all its moral implications call for a reformulation of the ethical position on destructionkilling human life since both arguments for and against IVF and embryonic stem cell research are flawedKaren Labacqzsgives two main reasons against stem cell researchFirst people who believe that life begins at the moment of conception and that human fetuses and embryos are persons believe that killing them for research purposes equals killing an innocent human being which is not morally permissible Second the western moral tradition is dominated by Kants categorical imperative according to which we should never treat other people persons solely as means to anothers end And in creating human embryos solely for embryonic stem cell research we are doing exactly that Labacqz says that she shares the moral principles that stem from Kants categorical imperative and she believes that killing innocent human beings is immoral but at the same time she supports stem cell research in all its formSO its important for her to find a way to reconcile the moral principles that she shares with the conviction that embryonic stem cell research is morally permissible under certain circumstances The first step that Labacqz takes toward reconciling the issues is to compare IVF and embryonic stem cell research and point to the important similarities between the two procedures It seems that the general public has accepted the IVF procedures without having too many moral qualms But IVF involves deliberate creation and destruction of human embryos just like embryonic stem cell research It is true that embryos in IVF are created so that the best ones are implanted but it is also true that there are always spare embryos which are not going to be implanted and more often that are not going to be simply and directly destroyed
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