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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 - Locke

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Daniel Kofman

Oct. 31, 2013  Skepticism is present when we claim to have justification for our beliefs  Locke – foundational for the empiricist tradition  But a less extreme empiricist – more of a common sense empiricist  We know of our own existence by intuition  Bodily senses/ways of perceiving  He thinks he can prove the existence of God  His proof of the existence of God is to try and give an explanation for why things exist (Pre-Darwinian)  Everything must come from somewhere – nothing can come from nothing  We are conscious beings (which he previously proved) is something which needs an explanation  Precise watch-maker – natural selection  Where we get the idea of other things  Our degree of certainty – we can rely on our sensations even if it not demonstrative proof  Anyone who doubted their own senses would not be able to entertain ideas of the existence of things.  (1) People lacking sense organ lack ‘Ideas’ -If we didn’t have organs, we wouldn’t have ideas that we associate with those sense organs  (2) Difference between ideas of memory and ideas caused v
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