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Political Science
Nisha Shah

What, if anything, about globalization is novel? 1/11/2013 6:57:00 AM The images of the earth generated hope and fear. Hope -Common humanity and world peace -Ecological awareness and conservation -Equality Fear -Ecological vulnerability -Conquest and control -Imperial power -Inequality What would happen in the face of wide spread population and growth? What is novelty? -Different from other thing “one of these things is not like the other” -Different fro previous things “ Reflects some kind of change” Novelty 1 -Is globalization different from other things? Internationalization -Increasing cross-border relations between countries -Globalization is the intensification of interstate relationships -Limitations: Ignores non-state actors Universalization -common humanity -human rights -World is not always a happy place -Limitations: different communities value different things Imperialism -Westernization/Americanization -Coca-cola culture -Promotion of capitalism - A country and it‟s influence of power around the world Limitations: other cultural influences? Is globalization just something that reflects other existing trends? Globalization is a reality that overwhelms all others. Novelty 2 Metrics of change -A state of the world involving networks of interdependence What is the relative change in interdependence over time? Is if increasing or decreasing? Contemporary hallmarks of globalization? 1) communications revolution 2)Trade and markets Past as prologue? 1837-invention of the telegraph 1866-first translantic telegraph link Mappaemundi (medieval map) -Universal community (corpus Christi) -Pilgrimage itineraries -Great chain of being (the world was divided in hierarchy of soles. PopeQueenPeasant) Age of exploration -Discovery of the „new worlds‟( other cultures) -Navigation and sea power(allowed them to travel the world) Discovery that the world is round not flat. -Domination and control( when they discovered new cultures/people, they tried to control them an dominate them) United Nations -International cooperation and collective security -Telecommunications (a global village?) -A world of independent, sovereign states Facts 1/11/2013 6:57:00 AM Globalization definition: globalization refers to the expansion and intensification of social relations and consciousness across world-time and world space. What does Friedman support the claim that the world is flat? Is it convincing? Why or why not? -what does he mean that the world is flat?--> the widening of internet possibility we can flatten out the playing field and access things across the globe, and certain people now have more access around the globe, and can access everything form home. -insourcing -outsourcing -offshoring -in-shoring -Y2K -Berlin wall Three perspectives -globalist or hyperglobalist dramatic shift -Skepticsold patterns persist -Transformationlist new patterns, but unevenly experienced Is the world Flat? Globalist‟s: yes the world is flat, a flat world is a level playing field -unprecedented economic interconnectedness(outsourcing, off-shoring, insourcing Skeptics: economic interconnectedness is: not novel consider European imperial trade routes, they may even be in decline today Not global main patterns of integration are between states, not corporations or individuals. Inter0state competitiveness remains a concern. Still hierarchical new pattern of trade are concerned in trading blocs. Asia/Europe/North America -Globalization is a myth Transformationalist -It is even -Unprecedented changes must be evaluated in terms of distribution -need to attend to globalization in its multiple dimensions(social, cultural, political, as well as e
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