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Lecture 1: Comparative Politics

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Political Science
Dominique Arel

POL2104 B 4-SEP-12: INTRODUCTION Professor: Dominique Arel ([email protected]) Office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays following class. Email [email protected] is address for TAs, readings, etc Paper presentation: 10 minute presentation on individual paper (scheduled in groups of 10-12) to be determined by Sep 26 and presented Nov 16, Nov 26, Dec 5 Films in class: Film reviews of 300 words on the films The Shock Doctrine and The Weather Underground Comparative Politics: Domestic Politics: political problems and phenomena within a state. Examples: - Elections and the problems with voter turnout, legitimacy of public institutions, the meaning of citizenship and the relationship with the State. Comparing these trends to other areas of the world. - Political violence and why this occurs (e.g., shooter at PQ rally after Pauline Marois victory). How to explain this behaviour and comparing to other examples (e.g., JFK) - Health insurance in the world. Why is it that the only leading country without any universal health coverage is the USA (until recently) and yet these new changes are still widely contested. International factors: transnational phenomena such as terrorism, economic crises, etc. - Comparative politics does not seek to explain the problem being looked at, but rather the outcome within a state
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