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Political Science
Joseph Roman

January 31, 2013 Bureaucracies 1) What are bureaucracies 2) What do bureaucracies do 3) Hoe polfjdslkaf;j happens 4) Structure of public policy 5) The internationalization of public policy What are bureaucracies ? - Weber= many bureaucracy knowledge dudue o Most of his work was concerned with modernity o Obsessed with notionas of rationality o Lists what bureaucracies are …  Hierarchy of official position  Composed of salary professionals who are appointed  Impose adjudicated rules  Rational  Involve book keeping (paper trail) • This is an ideal type (a way to organize our knowledge (a pure model)) • Not a good way to determine whether or not it is well run - Historically bureaucracies were not composed of professional salaried officials - Largely organized around the spoils system o If your party won the election you were part of the bureaucracy o In order to get a job in civil service, you had to be part of the winning party - Why should we care if a bureaucracy is a permanent salaried professional ? o If your B. is not permanent you don’t get that build up of knowledge over time o Serve as an institutionalised memory o Being rational means that you are going to be neutral in your decision making o If you’re not permanent you’re dependant on the party in power  Decisions can’t be made based on loyalties o With salary comes the issue of corruption – if one salary is dependant on the ruler than that just isn’t gunna go well - 2 traditions of recruitment o Unified tradition (generalist)  Basically looking for general knowledge  Learning ability • Tend to move between departments within the bureaucracy • Can make decisions under very different circumstances  Some countries that use this have tests to determine competency
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