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Political Science
Stephanie Marten

3What is Marxs conception of history and more specifically what is the role of class struggle in historyAccording to Marx the history of society is based upon the struggle of classes Marx offers a unique conception of society in which societal evolution occurs through the struggle of the different classes rather than through such gradual changes as the introduction of new concepts and ideals to society Marxs conception of history linked to this struggle is defined through a material conception The classes have two distinct roles in the process of production and labour in which the proletariat was the labourer and the bourgeois classes ruled over them and reaped the benefits of this labour It is the ageold concept of the oppressor and the oppressedMarx believed that society was defined and organized based on the different modes of production that occurred at various points in time He presents a society that begins with classes and ends with them Ancient Rome for example the social ranking was th
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