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PSY 1101

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Najwa Haddad

PSY 1101H thLecture 1September 8 2011th Lecture 2September 15 2011thLecture 1September 8 2011CH1 Thinking Critically With PsychologyIntroduction I II III IVDefinitionPsychology is a science mental behave behavioural and feel emotional Study of how people think ScopePsychology is involved with every aspect of the human life ie religionspirituality politics militaryperceptionconflict healthmedical relationship of mindbody SO diverse psychology is involved in everythingI The Need for Psychological ScienceA B C A WhyA1 Limits of IntuitionIntuition is important but we cant rely on it to understand the natural world because it can lead us to astray We also need scienceEx humans are the only living things however science says bacteria A2 Limits of Common SenseThe result of having learned something y Hindsight bias o Iknewitallalong phenomenonOnce we know everything there is to know we have the tendency to say I knew it all along o Without knowing all the facts the end result is not so cleareasyEx 911we now know it was an attack and know everyone should have evacuated but they didnt knowA3 Overconfidence We tend to overestimate how accurate our knowledge is We are more confident than we are knowledgeable confidence higher levelknowledge not as highTetlock
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