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Najwa Haddad

PSY 1101H thLecture 4September 29 2011CH 6 SensationPerception Sensation I II III IV I Basic Principles A B C A The musts of SensationDefinition In order for sensation 3 things must happenspecific forms of energy or else there will be no sensation y Be able to detect is a mustIts taking physical energy and translated into a y Transductionmessage that the brain can understand y The info must be transmitted to the brain for further processing If one of those is missing then theres no sensation Sensory receptors y Highly specialized cells y They do the detectingtransductiontransmission y No sensory receptors means no sensation Perception y Take the info collected by senses and organizeintegrateinterpret the info in a uniform way Bottomup processing y Processing of incoming new data y Sensation is a bottomup process Topdown processing y We use our knowledge experience events in our lives biases background culture interests expectations etc y Ex perception y Ex prosopagnosia o Area in right temporal lobe if injured you may end up with prosopagnosia o You lose the ability to recognize any familiar facesB Measuring the senses 1 2 3 4 5 1 Psychophysics y Study how attitudes of physical world translate into psychological experiences y Physical chemical stimulation 2 Absolute Threshold y What is the minimum amount of energy that must be present in order to be able to detect it 50 of the time for all senses
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