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University of Ottawa
Brenda Baird

Sensation & Perception Processes The Visual System Is Not A Camera - Much visual processing is done in the brain o Some cortical cells respond to lines in specific orientations (e.g. horizontal). o Other cells in the cortex respond to other shapes (e.g., bulls-eyes, spirals, faces) - Feature-detectors o Cells in the visual cortex that are sensitive to specific features of the environment Hubel & Wiesel’s Experiment Primary Visual Cortex Visual Association Cortex Effect of Brain Damage on Visual Perception The Visual Association Cortices What? Temporal Lobe: (Visual Agnosia) Where? Parietal Lobe: (Visual Neglect) Primary Visual Cortex Perception of Form  Figure and Ground  Gestalt Laws of Grouping  Models of Pattern Perception Figure and Ground  Figure: perceived as a self-contained object  Ground: a formless background against which objects (figures) are seen. Boundary: edges formed by changes in Brightness Colour Texture Gestalt Laws of Grouping The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - Proximity o Seeing 3 pair of lines in A - Similarity o Seeing columns of orange and red dots in B. - Continuity o Seeing lines that connect 1 to 2 and 3 to 4 in C. - Closure o Seeing a horse in D. Perceptual Pro
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