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Lecture notes on personality Lectures from Klempan's course from Winter 2010. Comments not part of class notes (extra information said in class) are in italics.

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Rosalinde Klempan

PERSONALITYLECTURE 7 Monday February0110Personality CH 15 Agenda 1 Personality 2 Psychoanalytic Perspective Approachesmodels topographicdynamicstructural developmental stage defense mechanisms assessing the unconsciousRorschach evaluation 3 Trait PerspectiveFactor analysis Hans Eysenck EPQ The big five assessing traitsMMPI evaluation 4 Humanistic Perspective Abraham Maslow Carl Rogers EvaluationWhat does personality mean characteristics the trait approach Were trait theorists in daytoday lifePersonality DefinitionCharacteristic patterns of behaviour thought and emotion that determine a persons adjustment to the environmentTwo Main Goals of Personality Psychology 1 Describe and explain individual differences 2 Synthesize the influences on a person into an integrated account of the personFour Basic Approaches to Personality Theory 1 Psychoanalytic 2 Trait 3 Humanistic 4 SocialcognitiveFreuds Psychoanalysis conscious vs subconscious the expression of the subconsciouspersonality is driven fundamentally by instincts almost in league in DarwinBig drive to Freud sex and aggression Psychoanalytic PerspectiveFreud 18561949Characteristics of Personality 1 Is influenced primarily by early childhood experiences 2 Is often hidden being primarily determined by unconscious mental forces 3 Development occurs in conjunction with frustration and conflict of basic needsFreuds Two Major Areas of Contribution to Psychology 1 Clinical psychologyModel of personalityPsychoanalytic techniquesDefense mechanisms very very important in clinical practice 2 Developmental Psychology Stage theory of psychosexual development importance of first 5 years of life Before Freud children were treated like miniature adultsFocus was not put on child developmentEven if theory was not valid he put focus on this ideaBiography and Historical Overviewwas interested in medicine was born in a city now is called Czechoslovakia but then his family moved to Viennainterest in neurology and in treatment of nervous disorders fascinated with hysteria Symptoms of hysteria eye twitching numbness paralysis suddenly going blind suddenly going deafGreeks were fascinated it referred to it as wandering wombinfluenced by Jean Charcot who could produce symptoms of hysteria using hypnosis Freud used hypnosis Patients would start to talk about childhood under hypnosisInfluenced by Josef Bruer who used the talking cure How he developed the couch analysis talking through things as a therapeutic methodThought to help hysteria with this he felt talking cure was even better than hypnosis not everyone hypnotisable also not longlasting effectLECTURE 8 Monday February0810 Freud thought cocaine could be used for medical treatments thought it was a harmless substitute for morphineBook on Psychoanalysis are actually just a compilation between Freud and Flyce ENT doctorThought sexuality was linked to the nose too much cocaine muchFreud had many famous followersstudents Carl Jung Erik Erikson founded the Psychoanalytical AssociationFree Associationtreatment technique used by Freud
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