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Chapter 4- Nature, Nurtue and Human Diversity

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Najwa Haddad

Chapter Four Nature Nurture and Human Diversity I IntroductionWhat makes you youIs who we are the result of our genes nature or is it the result of our upbringing natureNature the result of our genesNurture everything else other than genes the culture you were bought up in the country and family you were brought up in the school you went toNurture you can also say environment or experienceThere is an interaction between nature and nurtureII The Nature ComponentAGenes our biological blueprintOur body is made up of millions of cells in every cell except the egg and sperm we have 46 chromosomes 23 pairsWe have thousands of genes which are considered to be the basic unit of heredityGenes carry the instruction that give an organism its traits or characteristicsDifferent size of animals and people depends on a single gene chromosome 15 sometimes multiple genes gene complexes are responsible for something such as obesitygenes Re made up of nucleotides there are 4 nucleotides which are biochemical building blocks A G T CThey Always come in pairs a with t and g with cThe sequence sill determine what a gene will do and what it will not doChanging just one letter in a sequence changes what the gene doesChromosomes booksChromosomes are booksGenes are the words in a bookNucleotides are letters in a bookHuman genome we have roughly about 30 thousand genes in our DNAThey discovered based on the mapping of the human genome that every human on earth is 9999 genetically similar to every other human being on earthRepartition of the 001 difference 5 differences among races95 differences within a raceNature genetics 2004 race does not exist biologically there is no white black Arab Asian blue race and it is just a social concept9598 like chimp92 like mouse50 like banana
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