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1Thursday January1212 Lecture 2 According to Evolutionary Psychology EP men and woman have the same goal Men want to survive and transmit their genes into the future as do women However according to EP we have different strategies to achieve the goal even though the goal is the same We have differences in terms of reproductive capacity When women are pregnant it takes them on average 9 months to produce 1 baby It takes roughly a lifetime for 24 babies For men if they have partners in 12 days they can have 24 babies Our strategy according to EP is to stay off of sex until they have a partner that will stay with them relational sex On the other hand with men according to EP the best way to transmit genes is to have multiple partners Physical attraction is not ranked 1 kindness and intelligence are B3 Critique of EP EARN A POINTIf the only way to have sex with women is to change their sexual strategy wont they change to relational sex instead of recreational sex It makes no sense for nature to have opposite strategies for both genders Many females in other species have multiple partners There are societies around the world that live really primitive lives that
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