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Class 2 Nature Nurture and Human DiversityBehavior Genetics Predicting Individual DifferencesGenes Our Codes for LifeTwin and Adoption Studies Temperament and HeredityHeritabilityGeneEnvironment InteractionThe New Frontier Molecular Genetics Behavior Geneticists study our differences and weigh the relative effects of heredity and environmentGenes Our Codes for LifeChromosomes containing DNA deoxyribonucleic acid are situated in the nucleus of a cell Segments within DNA consist of genes that make proteins to determine our developmentGenomeGenome is the set of complete instructions for making an organism containing all the genes in that organism Thus the human genome makes us human and the genome for drosophila makes it a common house fly Genotypes traits that result due to inheritance alone Phenotypes traits that result from a combination of genes and environmental influences Alleles variations within a gene can arise from a mutation Allelic VariantsHuntingdons Disease Dominantjust need one copy of gene50 chance of developing if one parent has it variant on Huntingtin geneCystic FibrosisRecessivemutation on CFTR geneboth copies of gene need to be defective to get CFHLA Gene people with HLAB1502 or HLAA3101 are more susceptible to developing serious skin disorders ie SJS or TEN with antiepileptic use ie carbamazepineWomen with BRCA1 or BRCA2 genetic alleles have higher risk of developing breast cancerTwin and Adoption Studies Studying the effects of heredity and environment on two sets of twins identical and fraternal has come in handy Identical same genetic material and the egg splits in half so the one set of DNA is split between the two and they often share the same placenta Fraternal two different sperm fertilize two different eggs at the same time with two different sacs and two different placentas
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