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University of Ottawa
Caroline Sullivan

Perceptual Development: The senses Sensation and Perception  Sensation refers to the detection of sensory information  Perception refers to interpretation of sensation Perception implies organization and understanding of meaning of sensations  Attention refers to selective perception Focus on certain stimuli while ignoring others Infants Sense of Touch  Newborns: reflex responses to touch on mouth, palms, soles, genitals Later, exploratory mouthing Pleasurable touch releases endorphins  Sensitive to pain Pain can affect later behavior Relieve pain with anesthetics, sugar, gentle holding Newborn Senses of Taste and Smell • Prefer sweet tastes at birth • Quickly learn to like new tastes • Have odor preferences from birth • Affected by mother’s diet during pregnancy • Can locate odors and identify mother by smell from birth Newborns Sense of Hearing  Can hear a wide variety of sounds at birth  Prefer complex sounds to pure tones  Learn sound patterns within days  Sensitive to voices and biologically prepared to learn language Developments in Hearing Sense of musical phrasing 4 – 7 months l “Screen out” sounds from non-native languages l Recognize familiarwords, natural 6 – 8 months phrasing in native languag
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