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Jon Houseman

THE PLANNING OF MOVEMENT BY THE CEREBRAL CORTEX Motor Cortex It is a region of the frontal lobe consisting of Area 4 often referred to as primary motor cortex or M1 and Area 6 see Fig 147 There is speculation that area 6 might be specialized for skilled voluntary movement It was later shown that electrical stimulation of area 6 could evoke complex movements of either side of the bodyWilder Penfield found two somatotopically organized motor maps in area 6 o One in a lateral region called the premotor area PMAinnervate proximal motor units o One in a medial region called the supplementary motor area SMAInnervate distal motor units directlyThe Contributions of Posterior Parietal and Prefrontal Cortex A mental body image seems to be generated by somatosensory proprioceptive and visual inputs to the posterior parietal cortex Two areas of interest in the posterior parietal cortex areArea 5target of inputs from the primary somatosensory cortical areas 3 1 and 2Area 7target of higherorder visual cortical areas such as MT Patients with lesions in these areas show bizarre abnormalities of body image and the perception of spatial relationsThe parietal lobes are extensively interconnected with regions in the anterior
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