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The virgin goddesses  The represent the independent, self-sufficient qualities Artemis  Like to do things on their own  Wouldn’t not want to follow someone else’s lead, especially if it went against or ignored her goals  Protector of nature and animals  Confident and confortable venturing into unknown territory  Often seen as a tomboy and a competitor to man  Likes mate to whom there is equality and are independent to them (not clingy)  Not child driven, preferred them when they are older and independent  Has quite a temper, shows no mercy to those who have wrong her or her believes  Will help the underdog or those who need her but appears somewhat cold and calculating bc she refuses to attach to anyone  Needs to develop compassion and empathy and value the soft within  Taken back by others willingness to help them or support them Athena  Thinks rationally and coolly and values are dominated by will and intellect  Thinks before acting  Motivated by her own priorities but also likes playing in male action  Not passionate, very business oriented and will chose a mate based on logic  Bookworms and closed to their fathers  She picks the best of the best for mates and will have good communications as long as is not about feelings Hestia  Inner-focused  Introspective and seeks tranquility most often found on solitude  Patience and stillness  Detached as a parent but wont cause damage, will allow them to be themselves  Not a pusher and will stay away from crises  Not very competitive and do bad in workplace  Represents the self, the spiritual center of personality that give meaning to life The vulnerable goddesses  Relationships are central to their happiness and good functioning Hera  Will sacrifice the kids for the husband  Jealous  Committed to partner  Needs a relationship  Will attack what ever is attacking her relationship  Not very maternal and doesn’t desire to do things with her kids  When the mate dies they lose meaning and identity and bc her relationship with the children is not very developed, she will feel very alone Demeter  Fostering  Caring of ur mind (profs, teacher, physiotherapy)  Feeding in all of its forms  They only feel good when they get to take care of people if taken away they will feel depress  People who ran food banks  Motivated to help others in any ways  Generous  Usually becomes social workers  Stubbornness in her determination to provide  As a mate are attracted to people who needs help as it satisfies both needs  Target for psychopaths  Will burn out  Proud of well provided kids  Will withhold when her help is attacked  They will put themselves out  Only competitive and jealous when kids are concerned Persephone  Passive, young and obedient  Will go along other peoples direction  Will yield to other authority  Perfect Japanese women  Gentle, sweat  Move within emotions  Very flexible  The maiden: just lets life pass by  The queen: will act as a guide for others who got trapped  Attract:  Usually another Persephone  Those who wants innocence and compliance, fragility  Those who will like to overpower their partners, will want a Persephone  Those who are unconformable with grownups will like the childish of Persephone  Due to their flexibility they are usually really creative  Very empathetic (part of their charmed) very good readers  Teaches tolerance for ambiguity, and the ability to wait for some clarity to emerge out of chaos  Must learn to make commitments and to keep them Alchemical goddess Aphrodite  Not a virgin or indecisive  People who are into development  They create development for others to build  Autonomy if crucial  Will not commit until a monogamous relationship  Will transform others, they will make feel other interesting  Make other grow and bloom and then they will move on  Bond temporarily  Attractive to other peoples (doesn’t have to be physical)  They do not need to advertise  Need to learn to be more analytical and choose who to actually help  Not over invest into everything and everyone The patriotic gods  No one bosses these ones around Zeus  Most supported  Your entrepreneur  Successful in the capitalistic world  Aristotle, Obama, etc  Powerful fathers, kings, boss figures, head of state and armies  Create a Kingdome  Decisive  Very punitive if ur not helping build their empire  They will create employment as a side effect but they don’t do it for your  Can get you very excited about their own goals  They respect other Zeus  Loss respect for people who take away from their own success or of they cant stand their ground  Later r
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