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Shirley Griffith

Fromm Relatedness - Love = positive way - Negative = dom or submission Transcendence - Rootedness - Feeling of belonging - Feel at home in the world o Isolation and helplessness with evolution and loss of ‘home’. - Productive : o Independent from parents (particularly mother) o Actively/creatively relate to the world.  Tied to world instead of parents, - Non-productive o Fixation, unwillingness to move beyond mother, afraid to take the next step. Sense of Identity - Sense of entity o Form concept of self. o Collectivist societies, not as individuals apart from the group. (More primitive) o Lean towards more individualistic - (+) Creative movement towards individual - (-) Conforming to group. Frame of Orientation (road map) - Need of way to get back - Enables to organise via stimuli - Make sense of events and phenomena - Common sense = consistent with frame of orientation - No goal = not worth much. o Need final goal or objective. o Transcend isolated existence.  Confers meaning to life. - (+) Rational goals - (-) Irrational goals Reuniting humans with natural world. Psychologically unbearable if cannot fulfill these needs, leads to mental illness. Fulfilled either positively or negatively. - Torn from nature but still part of the natural world. - More freedom = more isolated. o Less freedom – anchored to roles.  Advantages = security, belonging o More freedom (socially and geographically)  Free from fixed position  More of the experience of the burden. • Anxiety o Alone in the world. - “Escape from freedom” o Three primary mechanisms of escape  Authoritarianism: • Tendency to give up independence of individual, fuse with someone outside yourself, try to get strength you feel is lacking from yourself. • Unite with more powerful partner.  Destructiveness • Isolation and aloneness. • Do away with others, o nations and individuals.  Conformity • Attempt to conform to what is expected of you, • Become what others want you to be. o Free from external bonds, fee to act to own will. Confused, thus conform to things that may not be authentic to self. - Positive Freedom o Free and not alone o Spontaneous full expression of rational and emotional potential.  Eg. Small children, people who have low tendency to conform. o Successful solution to human dilemma  Part of the world, yet separate as individual. - Character orientations. o Relatively permanent way to relate to others. o Personality = totality of inherited and acquired psychological characteristics.  Acquired: most important = character. • Substitute for instinct • Relate to the world in different ways. • Character Orientations (Non Productive) o Receptive  Source of good things is outside of themselves.  Only way to relate to world = receive things • Love, objects, material things  More concerned with receiving things than giving. • Want to be showered with love, ideas, gifts.  Loyalty, acceptance, trust. (+)  Passivity, submissiveness, lack of self-confidence. (-) o Exploitive  Believe that all good things come from the outside  Take what they want • Cunning or force to take things from others. • Steal or plagiarize rather than make something themselves. • Charming and self-confident (+) • Egocentric, arrogant. (-) o Hoarding  Seek to save what they have already obtained  Keep what they have and don’t let go.  Try to keep the same, preserve  Live in the past (Abit like Freud’sAnal character) • Believed was not because of sexual drive.  Orderly stubborn.  Orderly, punctual. (+)  Rigid, compulsive, lack creativity. (-) o Marketing  Outgrowth of modern commerce  Trade isn’t personal • Carried out by faceless coorporations  Sees people as commodities • Value via exchange value. • Ability to market/sell yourself.  See as in constant demand • Make others think they are skillful and sellable.  Shaky personality • Need to change to match current fashions/market • “I am as you desire me to be.”  Fewer positive traits (constantly changing to match what’s valued at the moment)  Aimless, inconsistent. (-)  Open-mindedness, adaptability. (+) o ProductiveActivity  Working, Loving, Reasoning  Positive freedom  Continue through life realising their potential.  Unite with world and other people to overcome isolation.
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