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Lecture 11

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Public Administration
Joseph Roman

Lecture 11October30131132 AM October 30th 2013Interest groups and their rule in policy making1Interest groups advance interest in democracyaBad reputation referenced as special interest groupsaCharacterised as interferinginterrupting relationship between legislators and acitizensFormed out of social change and state activity constituencies creating new agroups when creating new policiesprogramsTo beome an interest group it has to aggrgate interest find an interest and aorganize like minded people to advocate3 typesaProtected groups looks after members interest form on occupational ilines potential for geography to play role ex Neighbourhood associations ex trade union business associations industrial organizationsPromotional bodies advocate ideas identities policies and values both iare ideal types so difficult to separate promotional bodies from protected groups can start as one and change into the otherEpisodic interest group emerge when theres a sudden issue of public iiimportance generally disappear when issue is solved also referred to as fire brigade groups can evolve into someth
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