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Lecture 4

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Public Administration
Joseph Roman

Lecture 4September18131131 AM September 18th2013The agenda during the rise of governance180s reform of publicstarted because of budget concernsaCrisis usually drives change in public sector windows of opportunity to itransform practices and programscitizens become disenchanted by what the govern said theyd do and iiwhat they did taxes going up quality of services going down felt as though public sectors were becoming remote public pressure on sectors to change practicesPublic sector responds in 4 waysiiiMaintain system tighten up rules and regulations1Modernize the system looking at making public agency more 1flexible empowermentMarketize system provide for actual competition in public sector2Margret Thatcher forced public sector agencies to bid on acontracts 80 contracts were won by public sectorMinimize administrative system farming out tasks to private sector 1privatizing parts of public sectorIdeas presented most simply that win not the bestiThe rise of new public management1Relationship between governance and public management proper role of agovernment activityGabber and Osborne new public management government ought to be 1run in business like
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