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Public Administration
Frank Ohemeng

Study of Public AdministrationSeptember1313907 AM Understanding Public AdministrationDefinition Refers to administration or management of issues which have principally to do with society citizens it subparts which arent essential privates and the discipline or the studyoActivities of the executive branches of national federal stateprovincial and local or municipal governments idependent boards and comissions set up by parliament and stateprovincial legislatures government corporations and certain agencies of a specialized characteroMost important aspect in government and most visibleoAdministrationgovernment in actionFrank Marini a professional practise vocation occupation field of activity or an academic field understand develop criticize and improve professional practise and train individuals for practiceJay M Shafritz and EW RusselloPolitical cant exist outside political context context that makes it public and different from private or businessDoes what government wantsBoth direct when government employees provide services to the public ex mail and indirect when government pays private companies to deliver services ex LicensePhase in the public policymaking cycle pollicymaking never ends and changes everydayImplementing the public interest what government decideds to do and not doDoing collectively that which cannot be so well done individually universal label in which political actors implement the policies and programs they advocaeteoLegalLaw in action created and bound by instrument of lawAbout what state does execution and implementation of the law enforced to benefit societyPrograms enable legislation the law that legally enables a program to existPrograms established by law set parameters for how things workRegulation government tells what you can or cant do PA makes sure law is carried out ex Nutrition facts regulate how businesses workThe Kings Largesse generosity how things are given out by use of governments power must be implemented to the people by PATheft governemnt should do more than provide protection or not interefere good or bad should be small so we live how we wantoManagerialPA is the executive function of government the way we manage peoplePA is a management speciality branch of management thats divide into publicprivatenonprofit programs
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