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Lecture 6

PAP2320 Lecture 6

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Public Administration
Joshua Zaato

Lecture 6 (Jan 24 ): Institutions of the State and Machinery of Government Reflections from Monday POSDCORB: Planning, Organizing, Staffing, directing, Coordination, reporting, Budgeting *Paternal and Maternal Leave of Absence The Nature of Canadian PA:  It is important to note and understand the Canadian PA rests on three fundamental pillars  First, Canadian PA occurs within a capitalist democracy. Thus, Canada is Capitalist  Two, Canada has a federal system with shared powers and responsibility between the feds, provinces, and municipalities  Third, Canada practices a cabinet-Parliamentary (Westminster) system of governance  Together, these three factors have influence and continue to influence PA in Canada differently What is Capitalist Democracy?  When we say that Canada is a capitalist democracy, what do we mean? It means that Canada o Combines market principles (the market, supply and demand) o Has democratic governance systems (Competitive elections, representative gov’t; judicial independence)  The root of capitalism in property rights or the right of individuals to own and dispose of their own property as they see fit  In a capitalist society, protecting property rights is a fundamental duty and role of the arRW, It is the only role assigned to the minimalist state under neo-liberalism o The ONLY role of the state, apart from national defense and security  At the same time in a democracy, the will of the majority must prevail and the state has duty to protect and defend majority rights Federalism and the Canadian PA o In a federal system like Canada, the constitutional authority to make and implement laws is divided between different levels of gov’t o Usually b/w national and regional gov’ts o Sections 91 and 92 of the Canadian Constitution ascribes different roles and powers to the federal and provincials gov’ts respectively o Some policies such as National defence are in the exclusive domain in the federal gov’t while others have a federal-provincial-municipal tri-factor effect o Despite theses constitutional provision, there in one major irony to Canadian federalism o In Canada, the Federal gov’t has what is referred to as ‘Spending Power’ Canadian federalism and spending powers  It is a convention which states that if the federal gov’t has money to spend, it has the power to do so even in provincial jurisdiction  Added to this is the fact that the fathers of the confederation gave the federal Gov’t most of the power to raise and spend money  On the other hand, they gave most powers over welfare policies to education, healthcare, and social policy to the province  The result is that o Provinces are responsible for the most expensive policy areas, but lack the resources to fund them o The Federal gov’t has tremendous fiscal resources but lacks the constitutional jurisdiction in the most expensive policy areas The Westminster tradition  The three main branches of the Canadian federal gov’t which is based on the Westminster system: o Executive branch o Legislative branch o Judicial branch  The executive branch consist of the Monarch, Governor General, the PM, and his cabinet mini
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