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Lecture 2

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Public Administration
Roger Rickwood

WEEK 2January0814115 PM Inwood 117 the nature of PAPASystematic and organized academic study of PA is young but practise is oldohistory shows ancient feats of organizationoCharacteristics of present day existed during the Roman EmpireView of PA holds 2 perspectivesoField of study derived from several disciplinesoset of administrative practices and institutional arrangements geared toward providing public services and regulations through public bureaucracyKnowledge supports practice vice versa why need for constant updating and reviewing of findingsWoodrow Wilson Thought that political scientists ignored the fundamental question of how governments are administered and advocated focusing on personnel organization and management of the public sector in the interest of efficiency and economyBeginnings of PAAmerican influence on PA writings about problems in Canadian PA written by AmericansCertain issued spilled over to Canada and thus began the beginning of PA as a fieldJournals made and educational training offered focused on the administrative techniques tied to governmentIdea spread that PA should be tied to broad social sciences to produce a well rounded approach and efforts increased to position public administration as a more distinct field of studyPA and Democratic GovernmentPolitics who gets what when and how or how the state responds to the publics demands and wantsDemocratic society division of labour politics administration dichotomy in which roles fall into the hands of elected representatives decision makers and public servantsbureaucrats carry out decision makers wishesoNot straightforward public servants respond to orders and initiate action on their own because representative cant know everything going on discretionary power because of their role in policy makingThought to have too much power reforms enacted to restore proper relationship example of an attempt to sort out the proper balance between themTension between the value of democracy and efficient provision of service odemocratic accountability could be trampled in the rush to create a more efficient PAex reducing politicians to save money decreases citizen representationoImportant part of the debate role of government public sectorBureaucracyPublic provision of services and regulations and the states power to answer who gets what when and how takes place within bureaucracy job to satisfy citizenCombo of bureau and Greek word for rule
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