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Religious Studies

WITCHCRAFT CHAPTER 6 In smallscale societies rituals usually are performed by most or all of the adult members of the community the difference between religious and secular activities is not made However some develop more interest and therefore more abilities to contact the supernatural but specialists still live normally within the community and are not paid for their services In larger societies religious specialists are fulltime and make a salary out of itSHAMANS Receives his or her powers directly from the spirit world abilities such as healing through communication with the supernatural spirit helpers during altered states of consciousness The term shaman comes from Tungus language of Central Siberia Usually parttime and judged on his charisma and ability to healBECOMING A SHAMAN Shamans are chosen by spirits to become a shaman ex they see that a child has unusual behaviour to sacred object Often the call comes in a dream or trance usually during a difficult time You can seek a deliberate call ask to be one Period of training with an older shaman and learn h
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