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Religious Studies
Naomi Goldenberg

Characteristics for an effective thesisJanuary18121049 AMMust beclear rational and takes a stanceCharacteristics of a Thesis good oneDrafting a working thesis A thesis mustthe answer to a qutn you have posedRequire proof1TOO FACTUALTitus Andronicus was Shakespeares first play He was attempting to write within a the solution to a problemwellknown and popular genre the revenge tragedy a statement taking a position on a debatable subject RevisedShakespeares first play Titus Andronicus represents a failed attempt at the popular Your thesis shouldnt be longer than a paragraphElizabethan revenge tragedy genre The playwrights reason for combining various Ovidean stories Longer than 3 sentences Get rid of some of itare unclear and the play fails to produce the Aristotelian cathartic effect The play is a mishmash Try to put a context actual argument and a where my essay of tragic Greek fables and the result on the audience is an enduring sense of horror and is going essence emptiness Be of a reasonable scope2TOO BROADTelevision is having a harmful effect on Americas healthRevisedAmerica has a significant and increasing problem with obesity in children under the age of 14 This is caused in part by television and videogame culture which encourages children to sit statically indoors when they could be outside playing and getting exercise Television programs also have a number of strategicallytimed foodrelated commercials that encourage watchers to snack on junk food while watching As a result children are ingesting more calories than they are burning and are forming sedentary habits that result in poor general fitness and other health problems such as diabetes Be sharply focused3TOO VAGUEThe way the TV show Holmes on Homes portrays the housing market is interestingRevisedThe reality TV show Homes on Homes promotes fearmongering and may be having a harmful effect on the housing market by encouraging home buyers and home investors Eng 1100 Workshop in Essay Writing Page 1 WritingJanuary2712842 AMFour good components of a public speaker Bad components of writingBad public speakerWhat makes you trust someone for adviceleader writerclich dullexperiencedIntelligencemaster1uninterestinguninformedhumility Too mucharrogance no sourcesbad sourcelacking confidenceconfidentConvictionprophet2spelling mistakesshyreassuring illogicalconfusedhesitantempathetic Too muchnot rational enoughHumilitydisciple3too many adjstereotypingassumptions knowledgeableToo muchdont have enough repetitivelack of flowrhythm not judgemental unrealisticpretentious sincere confidenceEmpathy lover 4boringtake too long to make a pointofftargetinterestedToo muchnot very convincing lack of conscisionlack of personality compassionate vague or abstractcontradict themselves respectful bleeding heart rantinguninvolvedapproachable overemphaticpatient irrelevantBus services in ottawaTaking the bus in Ottawa can at times be a rough experience long wait times crabby drivers and cramped spaces leave many of people disgruntled The transit system of Ottawa can Friday February 10th 2010ParagraphsExpressing comparisonsCause and Effect conjunctionsShortLonger expressionsSince as a result because ofNPsimilarlyIn the same waybecause thereforedue toNPLikewiseX is similar to Y in that theyconsequently for this reason so the sameC and Y are similar in that teyThe same asLike X Y verbalsoIn like mannertoo One way in which X is similar to Y is thatBothAnother way in which X is similar to Y is thatExpressing ContrastsShort conjunctionsSubordinating conjunctionsHoweverOn the other handIn contrastEven though sentenceBy contrastAlthough sentencebut compound sentencewhereas sentence yet compound sentenceunlike sentence Eng 1100 Workshop in Essay Writing Page 2
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