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University of Ottawa
Social Sciences
Jordan Stancil

Leviathan Laws of NatureWe never give up this right of nature can never go against this right of natureThe liberty that every man has to use his own power or his own preservationthat is the laws of nature The right to do whatever you need to do or think you need to do in order to stay alive Consequently from this right of nature you can do anything you want in your own judgment and reasonIf you have the right to the goal then you have the right to achieve the means of the goal A law of nature is a general rule we discover by reason Natural law is the part of gods law that we can understand there are other parts we cannot understand but god has given us the rational capacity to figure out the laws of nature Your forbidden by nature to do anything that will destroy your life or omit doing anything by which you think will preserve your life Being in the state of nature is not the best so Hobbes argues from the law of nature he concludes the fundamental law of nature to seek peace find the means to seek peace and act on them to get out of the state of war If we cannot do that then we have the right to revert to the right of nature which is selfdefense and do whatever it takes to survive Do unto other as you would have them do unto youWe follow the laws of nature because we want other people to follow the
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