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University of Ottawa
Social Sciences
Jordan Stancil

Locke Ch 5 property Ch 6Ch 8 consent Locke believes in the state of nature there is a natural right to property You require ownership by mixing your labour with the state of natureThe mixing model find an apple peel it it is yours because you have modified it and it is now your propertyRestrictions Must leave enough for the next person who comes along you cannot accumulate so much so you are the ne who decides who lives and dies spoilage restrictionI can accumulate only enough advantageously These restrictions are part of what Locke vies as the natural law of propertyMoney What if we created something that we all think is valuable Then we have people who accumulate money which does not prevent others from gathering their own money and it does not spoil By doing so we create consent You can only have what you can use yourself and not take what others can use then he states you can accumulate some things like money There is a legitimacy to money gold does not spoil so one can accumulate as much as they want and it does not have value that will cause the end to others lives because gold is not necessary for human life it only makes it richerOnce we create a society we all agree to put value into money4647 The introduction of money Locke is sometimes accused of being nave a
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