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Durkheim ReligionFunctionalistInterested in the role religion plays within society not the religion itselfLooking at what the role it plays at holding a society togetherwhy does society need religion what does it do Not the material the overallDefinition of religion a religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred thingsWhat is a sacred thingThings that are set apart and forbidden things we dont touchReligion doesnt have to be about the supernatural or God Everyone who agrees that one thing is sacred is united into a moral community called a church Religion is defined in terms of how it holds society together Does not believe society cannot do without a form of religionWhat makes you belong to something and why would you be willing to make sacrifices for that Worked on religion in the beginning of the 1890s finished writing in the early 1900s and was the last book or importance he wrote Tried to approach religion objectively and scientifically Viewed religion as a social factParadox His notion of social facts runs up against his view of religion social fact allows sociology to existallows us to study scientif
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