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Lecture 5

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John Baker

SOC 1101 – Lecture 5 Experimental Method - Used in the natural science Purpose – Test a hypothesis Definition of terms - Hypothesis – is a causal of statement between two or more variables (one factor effects a second factor). - Independent Variable o The causal variable - Dependent Variable o Changes according to the independent variable - Extraneous Variable (Controlled) o When you do an experiment, you need to define your universe (space that the experiment is taking place in. ie. Lab, class, etc..) You then identify the independent variable. Within the universe, there will always be other factors or events to take place. Before you run the experiment, you look around the universe, and ask yourself: other than the independent variable, what other factors exist outside the causal relationship. You then want to identify in your universe all the other factors that will effect the universe. If you don’t hole them constant, then you don’t know if the dependent variable changes because of the initial causal or from other factors. Positive Correlation - The independent and dependent variables move in the same direction - Increase magnitude of independent variable = increased magnitude of the dependent variable - If you decrease the magnitude of the independent variable, the magnitude of the dependent variable is also decreased - This is evidence of a causal relationship, not proo
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