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Social StructureAny physical or social attribute or sign that Stable pattern of social relationships that so devalues a persons social identity that it exist within a particular group or societydisqualifies them from full social Social Interactionacceptance Ex Striped uniform of criminalProcess by which people act towards or respond to other peopleComponents of Social StructureRelative homelessnessStatusBeing housed in a dwelling that fails to meet Rolesbasic living standards Very common among Groupsboth urban and rural Aboriginal populationsSocial InstitutionsFunctionalist VS Conflict PerspectivesStatusA socially defined position in a group or Functionalist Perspective society characterized by certain Social structure creates order and expectations rights and dutiespredictability in a society It makes it easier oGuides our behaviorto build a selfconcept It gives us the ability oRelational Defines who and what to interpret the social situations we we are in relation to othersencounter Family to care school to oCollectively occupiededucate etc Helps people make sense of oNot to be confused with prestigetheir environmentEx To have teachers you must have Conflict Perspective students Social structure may limit our options It Expectations duties for all people places us in arbitrary categories not of our occupying the status are the same Ther
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