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Lecture 5

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Kristen Tole

Formal Care: Hospitals - 18 -19 C Almshouses - 18 -19 C Almshouses – you relinquished all your rights when you went for care, it was for criminals, the poor, not wealthy sick people - “deserving poor” - Philanthropy: could protect the morally worthy - Accessing care - Morality and mortality, if you could demonstrate your worth, your ability to work’ - Administration - “total institutions” - Patients traded individual right for health care: when you put yourself in the care of a physician, you had to do everything they told you to do - Routines and bodily regulation: caffeine and spices are bad, exercise becomes a routine thing - Resistance to care meant punishment, they could declare you insane th - Rise in private hospitals (early 20 century) - Class based - Could have their private physicians treat them - Charity cases were treated by students - 1873-1920: 178 hospitals to over 5000 (changes in population, war – creates a new category of sick and ill) - Separate sources or care - Surgical admissions surpassed medical admissions - Focus on acute care rather than chronic illness – government endorsed - Veteran hospitals - Reinforced local norms of segregation - Today: outpatient care whenever possible – we like this because housing people costs money, there is not enough room for patients - Technological medicine - Patient is less an individual more a diseased body – it becomes about why you’re there, rather than who you are Nursing Homes - Nursing and custodial care: because people are living longer and we don’t know what to do with them -
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