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Lecture 7

SOC2109 Lecture 7: SOC2109 Lecture 7

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Sam Alvaro

Lecture 7: Go Green Sociology Social Psychology How are we socialized and do our attitudes develop? The concept of Socialization -Socialization refers to the ways in which individuals attempt to align their own thoughts, feelings and behaviour to fit into society or groups - the process in which individuals incorporate society into their senses of self -Nature vs. Nurture debate -To interact with others, we must learn the social rules. The norms of a society/culture which tell us those behaviours are acceptable and which are unacceptable **Norms, Mores and Folkways Agents of Socialization -Family, friends, school, work and relationships -Outcomes of socialization include -Gender role -Linguistic and cognitive competence -Moral development -Orientation towards social class Adult Socialization -In adulthood, socialization is concerned with equipping the individual to function effectively in adult roles -Role Acquisition -The major roles we acquire as adults include spouse, parent, work roles, grandparent and retiree -Midlife (40-60) involves several role transition: -Marital (divorce, widowhood) -Parental (children leave home) -Caregiver (children and aging parents) -Work (entry to exist) -Anticipatory Socialization -Activities that provide people with knowledge about, skills for and values of a role they have not assumed -Usually works best for future roles that are highly visible -Eases roles transition if future are presented accurately -Entails goal setting, planning, and presentation for future roles -Role Discontinuity -When values and identities associated with a new role contradict those of earlier roles -On entering a discontinuous role, we must revise our expectations and aspirations The Life Course -Scholars have begun to empha
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