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Louise Edmonds

Why is it important to recognize the relationships in society and to be aware of the connections : SOC 3101 Documentary - Sperm doner conception since 1779 - Only now it is receiving scrutiny—pple are standing up to find out their identity - How anonymity affected them, how buying sperm - 30 to 60000 children in usa per year and little tracking is done - Challenge in studying them – is the secrecy, finding pple - Most pple felt alone and were against the fact that they were conceived that way - Many don’t even know that they are conceived that way - The ones who do know they feel Genealogical bewilderment – longing to know the missing other half than them – look for their biological father and half siblingsfound 12 half siblings - The idea that you can`t question the practice the aspects of this conception - Impact choices made, view of world ¸ - Concentrate on mothers perspective and not child - Alana – donor conceived woman running website ``AnonymousUs`` -- has 2 siblings, one adopted and another full biological to his parents – let go of the idea that she will find him because didn`t want to waste time looking and obsessing, instead just says her story and activist - Seeing parent as not their dad because they didn’t conceive the child - Many talk about secrets, mystery, feeling of abandonment by father, wanting to know their other half - Adopted kids are told biology doesn’t matter and feel abandoned by both parents (could be argued to want to know their parents do to trauma or not wanting to know) - Nobody has the right to hold this info from that person – curiosity - Pple that are directly affected may seem like just the patient but more as the child - Secret in the family hurtful – non disclosure - Father figure didn’t really feel like their own father – don’t have in common - Use DNA testing for search of their father
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