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Lecture 2

FEM2107 Lecture 2: Notes on Readings for Week Two

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Women's Studies
Patricia Kmiec

WEEK TWO Valverde When the Mother of the Race Is Free: Race, Reproduction, and Sexuality in First Wave Feminism First wave feminism was not inclusive for all women but rather exclusive to all who were not white, English speaking Protestant women, o no women of colour, natives, or immigrants were able to benefit from the first wave This was an actual platform: why would Canada allow immigrants vote but (white) Canadian women cant??!? Also discusses how women were viewed as the only means to reproduce not babies, but the race o This is the reason why white women were valued much more than other women o the safety of white women equalled the preservation of the white race to avoid potential degeneration Elizabeth Blackwell (18211910) is perfect example of white feminism and white supremacy o mixing race = racial injury, also perceived white women to be more human than other women, tying this to Darwins theory of evolution Emily Murphy wrote The Black Candle about white women being at risk of sexuality with other races due to *~drugs~*; o also believed that Nordic peoples are superior. Womens Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) was a womens activist group who didnt exclude women of colour, o However it was a condescending relationship and they also were into the whole race preservation thing Ajinkya Intersecting Oppressions: Rethinking Womens Movements in the United States Discusses Clinton v. Obama in support of women or people of colour? o Has quotes from people supporting Clinton and Obama respectively giving their reasons for their support Discusses the distinction between feminism (a political theory that discursively liberates women from genderbased oppression) and womens movements (mobilize women behind an action agenda aimed at procuring some level of tangible change in womens situations) Bridging the distinction between feminism and womens movements is intersectional feminism
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