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Lecture 5

ANT200H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Taphonomy, Ukok Plateau, Types Of Volcanic Eruptions

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Liye Xie

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*Go over the basic categories and context notes before the tutorials*
Bias in the Arch Record
Site formaon process and preservaon
Arch context can help reconstruct systemic context (Culture/Behaviour) (this is the reverse order of the
true process…going backwards)
Systemic context leads to site formaon process (transformaonal process)
SFP: Study of how the archaeological record is formed how things move and are transformed as they
move from systemic context to arch contexts
Taphonomy: The science that seeks to understand the ways in which things become entombed including
fossilizaon (how shit gets buried and saved part of SFP)
Formaon Processes in the Systemic Context -
Three key processes in the systemic context in+uence the creaon of arch sites:
Cultural deposion
Disturbance; process that can cause site formaon, sll destrucve
Cultural Deposion:
Dominant factor in forming the arch record
Discard – Everything eventual break/wears out and is discarded
Loss – Ex. Arrow that misses target or pot le3 from camp
Caching – Items are intenonally le3 behind
Human behaviours that result in arfacts moving from the arch context back to the systemic context
Ex. Museums, abandoned houses with components sll in good shape.
Cultural Disturbance:
Human behaviours that modify arfacts in their arch context
Ex. Construcon, looters, war, farming, pits, hearths, and so on
Formaon/Transformaon Processes in the Arch context:
Natural Processes
Cultural Processes
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