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Sherry Fukuzawa

Lecture 1: ANT101 May 7, 2013  The study of the human experience from multiple perspectives  A holistic approach to humankind  Encompasses both culture and biology  Anthropos – “human” – Logos “study of”  Culture is the central paradigm o The way you see the world is through the eyes of your culture  The merging of culture and biology make anthropology  Majority of primate species (non-human) are on the endangered species list – we are most commonly tied to other primates (ex. Apes) through behaviour Biocultural Approach  Culture o Human behaviour that is learned and shared by members of a society o No biologically inherited – can change o Element of space and time – passed between peers in one generation and also passed through genereations o Strategy that we use as our primary form of adapting to a changing culture  Evolutionary perspective  Adaption to an environment  Scientific method FOUR subfields of Anthropology 1. Sociocultural o Holistic study of human behaviour o Ethnographies  Description of a specific culture o Cross cultural studies (ethnologies – comparison of different cultures) 2. Linguistics o The study of human speech and language o Includes both the origins of language in general and analysis of specific languages o There is an intricate link between languages with culture. 3. Archaeology o The study of material remains left by cultures, primarily of the past o Prehistorical – before written documents or “pre-contact” o Historical o Public archeology – cultural resource management (crm) o Repatriation of first nations o Use methods to excavate remains Lecture 1: ANT101 May 7, 2013 4. Biological/Physical Anthropology o Biological study of humans and their relatives within the framework of evolution and its relationship to culture o Includes o Humans as primates o Human ancestry o Modern human variation o Examine human remains – but then take the data and connect it culturally to other specimens 4 Subfields of Physical Anthropology 1. Paleoanthropology  Study of human
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