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Lecture 3

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Victor Barac

ANT102H5SIntroduction to Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology Lecture 02July 16 2013 LanguageOverview for todays lecture 1 The origins of language 2 The biology of language 3 Descriptive grammar a Phonology b Morphology c Syntax d Semantics Introducing the Topic not part of slidesIt is the most common means of human communication that is unique to our species o Other primates have communication systems o Some primates have been taught the basics of language through laboratory conditionsMany psychologists would argue that acquiring language is a necessary feature of becoming human o It is our cognition mind and thoughts developed o Not necessarily just spoken language but also signing pictogramsUnderstanding how language works provides a model of how culture works o If we can grasps language we can grasp culture basedThe Origins of LanguageDivine Theory o Tower of Babel Gen 11 o A miracle that was a gift from Godo In the book of Genesis during the building of the Tower of the Babal o The purpose of building the tower of the Babel was so that the king could assend to the sky and meet God o This presumptioness of a mortel can come face to face with God was an insult that God created a condition where nobody could understand each other therefore the tower of the Babel was not completedDingdong Theory o CratylusSocrates o There was a natural association between words and their referenceo That basically comes from the simple observation that language is naturalo When in fact acquiring language is a very long process o Platos Diagus Cratylus was criticized by Socrates who argued that language was an arbitrary human creation Bow wow Theory o Lubbock onomatopoeia
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