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How do you know when a country is industrial It is arbitrary In the table lecture those people say when more than 50 of their product is industrial England before everyone else US in 1825 industrialization begins in the agricultural sector Once industry takes over agriculture the people in agriculture become absolete Once industrialization Demographic transition model describes what happens to industrial populations in society Huntergatherers had high mortality and fertilitysmall population growth about 0 in Neolithic more food more stable food supplies more sedentarybeginning of population rate When death rate drops but birth rate stays highrise of pop growthEarly industrial periodlower death rates but also lower birth rate why Having kids is expensive in industrial society They go to school there are laws cant put in hard labors Have to be literate Low stationary intro of birth control tech and others keep low birth rate almost 0 pop growth Women focused on career industrial societies require immigration where can we get new immigrants from to repopulate Intensification The evolution of human societies Allen JohnsonTimothy Earle 2000 1population growthall countries have to control their populations within their means economically sex and natural fecundity is higher than what we can actually support for pop control people use abortion 2Technological developmentto meet growing needs invent new technology
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