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Dylan Clark

- The prof drew himself on the board as an example of parasitical symbol; he is hoping it would symbolizes masculine, educated individual (coat and tie, glasses); icon of power, business - Legibility o When we use this in anthropology, it means is something readable (seeing symbols and codes that can be understand by others) o Making a “shared reality” AS IF...we think something represent the same things o All of us make ourselves legible to the world in some ways o We don’t have control on how we are read, although we do try to exert control so that people can read us the way we want o We can’t tell how our clothes, skin colour, hairstyles are read by others o There are some representations of symbol that are more correct than others more times than not o There’s a great influence on how symbols are read - Highland New Guineas (refer to book, Sorrow of the Lonely) o Made legible on the outside, such as western colonial powers, reading them as “savage” or “uncivilized” o Ch. 1 and 9 o In Ch. 1, there’s an introduction to the idea of reciprocity (to give and to receive, to owe and to be owed); you could say these whole people revolves around reciprocity; to them, the universe is a closed space (when someone dies, some is born...etc;) o Reciprocity is also a big theme in the course; capitalism, economics o Page 26 top quote: this kind of social giving and exchanging is basic in the life...... o Homology is the idea of different cultural systems are reflected off of others; there’s a continuity in various cultural forms o The way that you do something, is the one you do something else, each one reflecting upon other things you do o The truth is seen as complimentary to everything else; the truth of one thing seems to confirm another o Ch
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