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Sherry Fukuzawa

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ANT211 Sex Evolution and BehaviourLecture 1 Sociobiology and Why SexSept 18 2014NATURAL SELECTIONMechanism that causes evolutionoEvolution is the change over time oFrom a biological standpoint we are talking about the change in a population over timethrough generations oThis is done through the mechanism of natural section which works through variationoIf there is variation between individuals in a population some will be more reproductively more successful than others ie have more offspring that will eventually grow and mature to reproduce themselvesoNatural selection works on the variable of variation There are differences between individuals make individuals more reproductively successful than other oTherefore variation is the key Where animals vary and where those variations are at least partly inherited the less successful varieties will be eliminated and the more successful will become relatively numerousREPRODUCTIVE ADVANTAGEA successful organisms traits must be passed on to descendantsThose descendants must reach maturity and reproduce oWe are competing for limited resources against other individualsoMeasured in the number of offsprings produced and that these offspring must reach sexual maturity and reproduce themselvesoThe goal is to keep your genes going through generation which is done through reproduction SOCIOBIOLOGYThe study of behavior based on darwinian paradigmBasis in population genetics and evolutionary theoryoAccording to sociobiology all of the behaviours that we have in todays society stem the reproductive idea The idea that we are subconsciously all trying to optimize our reproductive success oProblems cultural variables can often interplayoEG Wilson father of sociobiology is a naturalist who looked at large insect populations and determined that their behaviors were largely controlled by reproductive inherited Natural selection allows us to answer to Why questions of human behaviorWhy does behavior occur In general we can look at behaivour in nature ie why do male birds sing in the spring 4 EXPLANATIONS TO ANSWER Why IN BIOLOGY1 Proximate causationConcerns the direct mechanisms that bring something about
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