BIO210Y5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Bone Marrow, Medullary Cavity, Hip Bone

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10 Feb 2016
Tuesday September 22, 2015
Bio210 – 3A
Which section through femur (long bone) is this?
oSections are frontal, sagittal and cross section
oThe answer is frontal
oThis is the left limb (the head region associates with the
hip bone and remember it’s a mirror image)
Between Compact Bone is the medullary cavity
Medullary cavity makes blood cells, red bone marrow or yellow
bone marrow
Compact bone, do I see a network that looks like a mesh? If I see
a mesh its spongy, don’t see a mesh it’s compact
Holes spongy, no holes spongy
Open stress facture *video
oHow he landed
oNot very common
oThe way he fell was on the tension side of the limb
oNot common but doesn’t lead to open fracture; he had
lower calcium and denseness of the bone.
Osteoclasts not the same as the rest, it comes from
macrophages, engulf and destroy what your body doesn’t need.
Bone breakers.
Long Bone
oFemur (long bone)
oWhen body weight applied to top of the bone it is
distributed throughout the bone and the knee.
Compression is on medial side of shaft, tension is on lateral
side of shaft.
oMedullary Cavity= innermost part of bone. Space within
hallow shaft. Contains red marrow, and yellow marrow.
Axial Skeleton
o80 bones
obones of the skull, thorax, and vertebral column
olongitudinal axis of the body
Appendicular skeleton
oBones of the limbs and the pectoral and pelvic girdles that
attach the limbs to the axial skeleton
Functions of the Skeletal System
oStore minerals and lipids
oProduce blood cells
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